Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Story. How I got caught up into the world of pens.

Hey everybody. Today is going to be a picture-less, world-filled story of how I came across pens, why I came across them so young, and why nothing is wrong with being different.

Actually, very surprisingly, this all started almost exactly a year ago, somewhere around May 5th. I was at my Grandma's funeral, and I was sitting with my cousin's boyfriend just casually talking to him. As the conversation started to dull down, he pulled a Papermate InkJoy 700 RT out of his pocket, and said "Look at this pen! It glides across the paper, and writes awesomely!" (That's not what he exactly said, but you get the picture. . .) Anyways, I swear for the rest of the time, I was writing, drawing, and doodling to my hearts content. It almost seemed as if there was a mutual bond between me and that pen.

At the end of the day, I handed him back the pen, and said thanks for letting me use it. But, he said no, and instead handed me the pen insisting I keep it. At this point, I was overjoyed. Literally.

That night, I came home and searched for pen reviews of this Papermate on Google out of pure curiosity. And good thing I did, because I came across a review on Gourmet Pens. I read the review, actually disappointed (no offense, Azizah!) that the pen didn't seem to be her absolute 100% favorite, because I thought it was perfect. Truthfully, all that was going through my head was. . .What wacko makes a blog about pens?! Again, I apologize Azizah, but, I promise I understand why now! But, out of curiosity I read some more posts and came across some website called "Jetpens".

So by now I'm like totally wierded out. Okay, so here is a blog about pens along with an online pen store stocked with thousands of pens. I'm thinking, God, How many pens does one person need?! Trust me, I sure know now. But, I liked a review on Gourmet Pens of the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen For Calligraphy, so, with some money I had, I went ahead and bought it. Throughout that 3-day period, I could not wait for that one pen to arrive in the mail. Then it did, and it was the beginning of a long, hard journey. I was in love. Not just in love, every minute of my life was taken from me. I became a rebel, staying up late just to use my pen. My precious pen.

So everyday I read Azizah's posts, and I became a regular reader. I would have commented on something, but, truthfully, I didn't know how. Then, one day, I decided, You know what? I'm going to email Azizah and tell her how much I love pens. I did, and this is what my email said,

Hi Azizah,
I am Kayte and I am 13 years old. Let me tell you, I am crazy for pens!
Especially! I always go to your blog for advice, and I
absolutely love everything!!! So far, I have gotten, the Uni Ball Kuru Toga
Pencil, the Lhit Lab Pencil Case, and the Pentel Brush Pen. Also, I am
constantly ordering things from Jetpens! You are an inspiration to me! Thank
you so much. I hope you keep puting out a lot more reviews. I suggest a
review on the Stabilo point 88 fineliner pens. They have them on Jetpens! I
like them a lot! Thanks Again,

I know, I know. Crazy, and overly obsessive. But I was excited, okay? And then she replied and I was like asdfghjklqwrfxzcsksfrhewtosafnsrhejfnsdkthtewjkthsjkfhsjkrhskjfbkjdfbkjwthkjsdfeufdteoteusg ncmxvbnfbsdkjghsdkjfhaoeiutidfjzlknfjsfbjdkvjksdhjsakghjkdhjaksdhjksafvjxcbmfnbskjghdjkhf OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
Yeah, I was excited.

So we kinda became friends, and I emailed her a couple more times, and ordered Jetpens a couple more times, and annoyed my parents a couple more times, and life was good.

So then I realized, here I am buying pens like nobody's business, but I have no purpose. WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?! It really bothered me that I didn't have a purpose.

So I decided to make a blog, and then I had a purpose. I could write reviews for people, and tell them what I like, and make suggestions like Azizah did for me. I also discovered a bazillion other pen blogs, and now I am reading those everyday as well. At first I had about five pageviews a day, and now I have about fifty to one hundred, just recently reaching 3,000 overall pageviews. I even have readers all the way from Indonesia.

So, back to my main point. I realize now that everyone has their thing. While previously thinking that pen collecting was a wacky habit, I am now "wacky" too. And I love it. Sure, you can play a sport, or write a book, or go shopping every weekend. That's your thing, and go for it. I tried out soccer, tried to be sporty and athletic. But, soon I realized, I am just a red-haired, skinny, five-foot two awkward girl, who loves writing and buying pens. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. So, yeah I'm thirteen. But what is the difference between thirteen and thirty? Nothing.

I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing, but I know one thing. I love pens. And I love writing reviews for all of you. It doesn't matter how old I am, I found something that is my thing, and I was afraid that would never happen.

So thank you all for being so awesome. And don't be afraid. I hope I gave you all some inspiration!

What's your pen story? What's your thing? Share it.

All opinions are mine, and I did not receive any money for this post.


  1. BHAHAHA omg. This was an awesome read. No need to apologize, I already know I'm insane and I already know you're insane and you already know you're insane and now everybody else knows you're insane.... pen insane that is! I love this story. this is great. My pen story is nowhere near as good as this. Basically, I used to hoard pens because my dad and grandpa loved pens... and then when I got to University, I used to take notes in class, then go back to a study cubicle and lay out all my pens and then recopy everything - not study mind you, just recopy - so it was all nice and tidy and perfectly organized. Your story is way better. Mine just makes me sound like a crazy person.

    I am most happy that you have found a niche that makes you happy, and I am sure I'm not the only one who enjoys your reviews and your humor, so I/we are happy to have you here in the pen community!

    :| I just realized I have not posted my review of the Stabilo yet!! I have it sitting in my drafts!! AGH! I must schedule that. Love that pen. Need more colors. Awesome recommendation by you.

    1. Haha! I guess we are all crazy. LOL you didn't have to put that review out so fast, but it is great!!! Love those pens

  2. That's a great story and I am glad you are a pen afficionado. I've loved pens for so long, I don't really remember how it all began. If I had to guess it would be back in high school when I found my first Schaeffer fountain pen and several lovely colors of ink cartridges. Purple was my favorite, but I loved the turquoise and green, too. That very same Shaeffer fountain pen leaked all over my favorite leather handbag and ruined it, but it didn't affect my love of pens. I just switched to ballpoints. I still miss that purse, though. I was looking through my pen stash the other day and discovered some cartridges I bought about 15 years ago - purple, turquoise, burgundy, and even gold - all still filled with ink and ready to go.

    Now I seem to have come full circle and am in love with fountain pens again - but I will be more careful with pens and handbags this time. I don't know how anyone can resist a pretty pen, there are so many beautiful ones out there and the ink colors are delicious. I'm sure that beautiful bottles of ink are in my future, and I would like to try my hand at a flex nib someday.

    Thanks for sharing your story and keep on scribbling!

    1. Haha Thanks, Jackie! That is a very sad story! Luckily none of my fountain pens leaked...Now I'm scared!!! Lol. I'm glad you got back your love of pens, and now fountain pens!

  3. That's a great story, Kayte! I have been reading your blog since the beginning because I've been reading Azizah's blog for ages and she recommended you, and I believe anything Azizah says ;-)

    You know what? I had no idea you were so young! That's a compliment, of course. This blog is really coming along nicely and it fits right in with all the others that are about pens and paper and such. I try to read them all, I really do.

    I have been a pen freak since I was a little kid, and I credit my mom for that because she was an elementary school teacher since before I was born and she always had tons of pens around - markers, mostly, as this was a long time ago before gel pens - the dark, boring days of pens! But I loved to play school and always had paper, pens, crayons, markers, and rubber stamps available because of my mom. We are both still pen and paper fanatics to this day.

    Keep up the good blogging! :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Patrice! I love hearing from readers who have been reading from the very beginning! Haha. It's a good thing you didn't know I was so young! I try my hardest! Haha

  4. Kayte, I absolutely love your story, and thank you so much for sharing it here! I've always loved pens and stationery, I think, but I mostly just used boring ballpoints and cheap notebooks until my third year of university, when a student in my anthropology class showed me her Sakura Pigma Micron pens and Moleskine notebook. I thought, "This is crazy. There actually are people who care this much about this stuff." And then around the same time I had just started to keep an art journal and I had discovered blogs, so from blogs about art journals I found blogs about notebooks and pens and before I knew it, I was obsessed :)

    I think it is great that discovering your love of pens and starting this blog has made you so happy. Your post has reminded me of why I love blogging! I am constantly amazed by how many lovely people I have met through my blog, and feeling that kind of connection is a wonderful thing. Thank you so much, Kayte!

  5. Great story. At 40, I can tell you there are a few differences between 13 and 30 let alone 40. :-)
    I have been a note book hoarder all my life and pens have gone with it. I have spent many hours of my life looking for the perfect pen for my precious paper.. I had fountain pens in primary because it was what you started on in my day. I graduated to ball points on highschool but ink and paper have brought me full circle back to fountain pens..
    I love your blog

  6. Kayte, I love hearing your story about how you discovered pens. Picking out new pens and notebooks was my favorite thing about school. I can't wait to see what your favorite pens will be and what you create with them. Welcome to the madness.