Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen- Fine Nib

Hey Guys! I'm Back! Sorry It has been awhile. I would have posted yesterday, but I was at the beach, so yeah. Anyways, last week I ordered a Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen from Jetpens, and I am super excited, so lets get into the review!

So I would show you a picture of the box as well, but I forgot...woops! If you really want to see the box, I can email you a picture. But, I chose a really cute pink color, because I don't have a pink fountain pen, and I thought it would be cool. I chose an ice sport vs a classic sport, merely because I like the color selection better for the Ices. I also like that you can see the amount of ink left with with the clear barrel. 
My hands never look good in pictures. . .
Considering that I have very small hands, this fountain pen is TINY. Of course I was expecting it to be small, but I was a wee bit surprised. No problem though, because it still fits my hands well, especially when posted. 
When posted, it is about 13 cm, or 5.5 inches. 
When not posted, it is about 10 cm, or 4 inches. 
As you can see, while posted it will make the writing experience much more like a typical fountain pen. 
I played around with the edit, so that is why the picture is semi-blurred. 
A very nice feature of this fountain pen, is the detail on the nib. It has a very fancy design, and the kaweco logo engraved. For such a cheap fountain pen, much detail is put into the nib. 
I inked this pen up with some J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche Ink right away, and it wrote perfectly right out of the box. The nib glides very smoothly on the paper, and overall it is a really great writing experience. The nib feels great, but it almost feels a bit small, even though it is pretty standard size. I personally would choose a Lamy nib, but this is very close behind. 
Now on the subject of filling this pen. . .There are no converters available in the United States. Despite the rumors of the Monteverde Mini converters fitting, they do not. But, if you are desperate, there is one available in the Netherlands on Fontoplumo for around 2 euros. The only reason I hesitated on buying this, is because I am very impatient, and I just can't wait for a delivery all the way from the Netherlands. 

But, there is another answer! If you buy a package of Kaweco Cartridges from Jetpens, and a Ink Syringe Set from Goulet Pens, you can fill up the kaweco cartridges. I am not going to explain the process here, but if you would like to know, just email me. 

Overall, this little pen is cute, it writes well, and it is very affordable. I highly suggest it to beginners or anyone in need of a new fountain pen! Thanks for reading!

Jetpens- $23.50


  1. That is one cute little pen!I like the color of that J Herbin ink, too. I really need to get some bottles of ink soon, or at least some more samples.

    1. Haha yeah. That ink was a sample, actually. I need to get more bottles too, but they are too expensive :( . But, I will get a bottle of Noodler's Georgia Peach...because I love that ink!

  2. Heehee! I just ordered one for myself :D Same color, but with the broad nib. I have so many fines/mediums that I thought I should get something different! Nice review :)

    1. OOH! Cool! I like my fine nib, but I might want to try like a 1.1 mm or something. . .